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Your Crypto Club: 1 year membership

  • A-Z Online Course                                                              3997 €
  • Member webinar every two weeks                                 2500 €
  • Expert interviews                                                                1199 €
  • Exclusive Facebook Group                                                  749 €
  • ​Our Mentor's knowledge                                                  7499 €
  • Telegram Group for daily updates                                  1995 €
  • ​Group Q/A 4 times per week                                            4995 €
  • ​Marcus Personal Portfolio                                                Invaluable


  • 3-day workshop:                                                       3799 €
  • Start-up Buying Club:                                              2000 €
  • Video report "3-coins to a million"                      2000 €
  • Wealth Creation Masterclass Recording.          2000 €
  • Virtual Members Meeting 3x a year.                    500 €

Total Value 31 233 €

1 year membership

For a limited time save 94%: only 1,895 €

For a limited time, our incredible workshop is included! You can get a picture of it below:

What's included?

It is an A - Z video guide. Everything from how to open an account to how to buy your first cryptocurrencies and where/how to store them.

  • ​Open the best platforms: and learn how to use them
  • Learn EXACTLY how to allocate your money
  • The 5 ways and strategies you can use for the rest of your life
  • And much much more...

LIVE Webinar Every 2 Weeks

Every two weeks we go LIVE through EVERYTHING you need to know to take action. You'll save TIME to spend on what you need. During the webinar, you'll know:
  • Everything that's happening in the market and what it means for you
  • What we and our mentors buy
  • What opportunities are best right now with our 5 strategies
  • ​So you get the information before the big moves happen

We interview experts LIVE on a regular basis

Covering crypto/ICO and blockchain trends. To make sure we're on top of the best options! To meet the entrepreneurs behind ICOs.

(Imagine having invested in Facebook, Google or Amazon in the beginning!!!)

Knowledge of our Mentors

We have a team that works FULL TIME to find the very best opportunities. However, we have mentors in our turn because we don't want to leave anything on the table. Of course, you'll get that information!

That's how Marcus found NEO and made $90,000...

Crypto Clubs Discussion Forums

The forum is for members to ask questions, get answers and share information with each other between the webinar and the interviews.
So that you can benefit from the combined knowledge of the members.
To help and support each other, gain new insights, tips, tricks and much, much more.

Telegram Group for Members

Get regular updates on your phone.
  • Today's Trade: Cryptocurrencies we buy and sell directly
  • Key Statements: so you don't miss important information
  • So that you know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it

Group Q/A - 4 times per week

  • 30 minutes coaching with our traders - 4 times per week.
  • So you never get stuck.
  • It's important that you feel you're getting the support you need. 
  • Available to ALL members! Ideal for beginners who want to get started quickly! 

Your Crypto Club Portfolio (New)

We also share our portfolio so you can see EXACTLY what positions we are in
You can then get inspiration for what to do ;)

We have positions that have gone up 1000's of percent over the last few years. 

Webinar Bonus:

Start-Up Buying Club

ICOs offer large discounts on private or pre-ICOs (usually 50% or more)
But you have to invest large sums to benefit from it
Most people can't afford this
Your cryptoclub members raise smaller amounts to take advantage of private discounts! 
So you never have to miss the discounts we get for start-ups!

Report: 3 Coins to a Millionaire Status

You'll also get a video report on the three cryptocurrencies that we think have a great chance of taking you to millionaire status in the coming years

You can see the results from one of our previous reports and the best part is that we think we're right at the beginning

LIVE 3-day Interactive Workshop

  • 3 days LIVE with Dennis and Marcus
  • Placing Investments and Trades LIVE
  • ​Learn everything you need in 3 days to succeed with cryptocurrencies
  • Work on your mindset from one of the world's best
  • ​Creating the RIGHT conditions for success
  • ​Go through the 5 ways we use to make money
  • Get all your questions answered and meet like-minded people

We Really Want It To Be A No Brainer For You Which Is Why We Offer The Following Guarantees

Our Crazy Earn 100% Guarantee

After 1 year of active investing according to the strategies we teach you,
if you haven't earned at least 100% profit on one of the cryptocurrencies we talk about and discuss, you get another year of membership ... COMPLETELY FREE!

If you go through this program, look at the content, complete the exercises and take action, you should have received a value of €4,49. Over 700 reviews prove it
If you're still sceptical, I'd like to offer you a 30-day money back guarantee
Just sign up for the membership, watch the content, take action and if you're not completely satisfied with the membership in the first 30 days you can request a full, immediate refund
There's NO RISK to you now. 
You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain

We have over 700 reviews on Trustpilot... Want to see some of the reviews LIVE?

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